What LIBCAD is Capable of

LIBCAD as a Dynamic Linked Library (DLL)

LIBCAD is deployed in the form of Dynamic Linked Library (DLL), which is a set of computer functionalities that can be embedded to any other computer software, in general, or image viewer, in particular. This allows developers of any image viewer, which does not provide CAD capabilities, to import this library into their viewer. The main objective of this form of deployment is to make the product affordable to as many radiology centres as possible.


Cross Mammography Machines

LIBCAD offers detection for images from any mammography machine and is database independent.

Faster Computation

LIBCAD algorithms use hardware acceleration and are parallelized on both CPU and GPU. LIBCAD current detection takes -10s, our algorithms scale efficiently with processing power, and will automatically take advantage of new hardware. .

Easier Integration

As a library, LIBCAD provides the simplest integration, enabling developers to integrate it into their mammography imaging applications.


As a universal dynamic linked library, it functions on all operating systems and can be used for all programming languages.

Outstanding Stability

LIBCAD produces rigid results across different databases and machines, which gives users ease of producing unified applications for various mammography machines and databases. Without worrying about stability.

Full CAD Functionality

Includes all CAD utilities including Masses detection, Microcalcification detection and Image enhancement utilities.

Integration has never been Easier!"

With a simple, straight-forward and tiny snippet of code

using CAD;
using MathWorks.MATLAB.NET.Arrays;

public class demo {

string imagePath = " .. /database/image.dcm" ;

// initialize CAD object
CAD cadLibObj = new CAD();

//find masses lesions
MWArray[] ArgOut = cadLibObj.FindMassesAndCentroids(imagePath);

// find Microcalcification results
MWArray[] ArgOut = cadLibObj.FindMicrocalcification(imagePath);


LIBCAD provides one of the finest accuracy levels among commercial CADs

CAD Accuracy Comparison

LIBCAD accuracy compared to U.S. commercial CADs
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LIBCAD is a DLL library designed to powerfuly integrate with different image viewers, while providing full CAD capibilities. Designed and implemented by MESC Labs.