Global Technology as a sole agent for Fujifilm Medical Systems in Egypt and Libya think that this CAD software software could be distributed through our company and bundled with Fuji Mammography machines and could be also integrated to Fuji PACS. In addition, we think such a product will have a high likelihood to compete with other international CADs if it is offered for competitive price

Ahmed Adnan, Business Development Manager, Feb., 2011.

We managed to integrate LIBCAD to our image viewer ViewRad, which does not have detection capabilities. Since the market in Egypt and many countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has no existence of CAD, we think that LIBCAD has a unique opportunity for selling well in this area of the world

Khaled Eldemery, General Manager, 2012.

We, at Nabda Care, had the pleasure and the previlege to cooperate with LIBCAD to provide extremely effiecient solutions within our suite of services to our clients.

Ehab ElFouly, Founder and CEO, Nabda Care


LIBCAD is a DLL library designed to powerfuly integrate with different image viewers, while providing full CAD capibilities. Designed and implemented by MESC Labs.